GLOBALFOAM and GLOBALSTONE, mono-component or two-component foams and resins, expanding and not expanding, rigid and flexible, elastic and plastic.
For their application we suggest the use of expansion injectors equipped with packers.

Main fields of application of GLOBALFOAM and GLOBALSTONE:
  • mining
  • tunneling
  • dams and hydraulic works
  • fissures and cavities
  • friable and loose soils/rocks
suited for
  • Stabilization of rocks using anchor rods (fiberglass or steel)
  • Waterproof of fractured rocks
  • consolidation
  • filling
  • insulation
  • water conveyance in water bearing stratum
  • Rock Bolts and anchors
  • coating and waterproofing of walls of reservoirs and aqueducts
  • sealing cracks of the concrete and /or gas and liquids.

GLOBALFOAM HF hydrophilic foam for injection, it reacts with water without any hardener.

GLOBALFOAM HG thanks to its lubrication properties, it helps reducing grip between soil and digging equipment. It can be used with GLOBALCRIL 46.

  • soil conditioning during mechanical dig with EPB machines.

GLOBALSPERSE – high performance liquid dispersing agent.

  • Dispersion/breaking up of highly cohesive clayey land with consequent decrease in viscosity, during TBM excavation work.
  • Dispersion, breaking up and stabilisation of fine compact and cohesive land in general (bentonite, kaolin, etc.).
  • Facilitate the resumption of excavations with milling cutters after long pauses.

GLOBALSEAL sealants for underground excavation with TBM (tunnel boring machine).

A complete range of sealants to be used in tunnels dug with full-section mechanical cutter to prevent backfilling grout, water and mortar from penetrating the shield and reaching the digging face. They have excellent pumping properties and excellent water wash out resistance and they are formulated to resist high pressures.

Globalchimica sealants product are:

  • GLOBALSEAL TBM/C tail sealants series;
  • GLOBALSEAL TBM/T main bearing sealant;
  • GLOBALSEAL TBM/C 1P sealant for first fill.


ELASTOSTAMP two-component liquid polyurethane rubbers, they harden at room temperature and create flexible molds/masses especially suited for plaster and concrete reproductions.

Other products

Two-component polyurethane resins for fast casting, epoxy resins, solvent and water based release agents, aliphatic polyurethane paints, mono-component, water or solvent based, silicone gel addition hardening, additives for Globalchimica’s products

Silicone moulding elastomers

GLOBALSIL RTV-2 silicone rubbers, that harden at room temperature by the addition of their hardener in a condensation process or polyaddition - platinum.


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