Products for tunnelling, mining, underground excavation, HDD systems, building

GLOBALFOAM, GLOBALSTONE Mono-component or two-component foams and resins, expanding and not expanding, rigid and flexible, elastic and plastic.
GLOBALSEAL Sealants for underground excavation with TBM (tunnel boring machine). Polymers and agents for soil conditioning

Casting & composite materials, encapsulating systems

RTV2 silicone and polyurethane rubbers, especially studied for both industrial and hobby mould-making sectors.
Epoxy and polyurethane resins for design crafts, modelling, prototyping, artistic foundries and many other applications.
To complete the line, we supply a range of ancillary products like release agents (water based or solvent based), thixotropic additives, oils and protective additives for moulds.
Encapsulating resins and rubbers for junction boxes and general potting.

Surfaces treatments and protection

Water repellents for concrete, gypsum, brick and masonry; protective varnishes & coatings for leather/ fabrics, glass and wood; protective paints for metals; thermo effect coatings with high UV reflectance; waterproofing