Who we are

Since 1949, we’ve changed, but our values are transmitted over time.

We are an Italian company, born in Turin, when Amedeo Besson formulated and started producing specialties for phosphating, passivation and surface treatment of metals. Reference sectors were automotive, military and extrusion.

Current products and reference sectors have their roots, developed over last decades, with Marco Besson, who took over in 1974, with his passion and devotion.

In 1983 we have began research, development and production of a range of products for coating, waterproofing and corrosion-resistance for civil engineering applications.

Since the early 90s, we are involved in realization of RTV2 silicone elastomers and polyurethane rubbers,suited to flexible moulds and matrices and to other applications.

In 2000we have started the development and production ofchemical specialties for the mechanized digging of tunnels and mines, validated by tests on site, thanks to the cooperation with the most important Companies specialized in machines.

In 2009 we inaugurated the new plant in Lombardore, modern and very efficient, boosted in 2016.

In 2021 the photovoltaic system was started up, then inaugurated in 2022 to allow the supply of “green energy”.

Ever open to new challenges. Today, with the third generation of the family Besson, we are developing our huge range of products, to provide always successful and innovative solutions, with an approachincreasingly sustainable and ESG compliant.

We support our partners, we are available to the customization of product and to technical assistance.

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