GLOBALCHIMICA S.r.l began its activity in 1949 with the production of formulae for phosphating, passivation and surface treatment of metal in the automotive and military fields and in extrusion.

A first diversification concerning research and development took place in 1983. A wide range of products for coating, waterproofing and protection against corrosion of construction works, such as bridges, viaducts, road planking, aqueducts, tunnels chemical plants, facings and flat roofing were studied and developed during those years.

In the early ’90 a second diversification took place. GLOBALCHIMICA S.r.l. is involved in the development of new lines of formulae, with a special attention to the production of RTV2 silicone and polyurethane rubbers suited for flexible moulds and matrices.

In those years take place early studies and productions for the mechanized digging of tunnels and mines.

The Company can sell at Globalchimica’s brand or with your own brand /Private label.

The great flexibility and proneness to research, have allowed Globalchimica to formulate ad hoc products for special needs, as for example the use of some products in extreme application conditions, and to always keep up with the market demands.