Quality and sustainability policy

The Management believes that the success of GLOBALCHIMICA S.r.l., oriented to continuous improvement, depends on the ability to meet contractual requirements and the needs of customers and relevant interested parties, keeping characteristic flexibility and dynamism.


To achieve these results, the Management has decided to establish and maintain a Management System compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and to operate in accordance with INAIL guidelines, on employees’ health, and safety – “Linee di indirizzo per l’applicazione di un sistema di gestione della salute e sicurezza sul lavoro per l’industria chimica” – INAIL.

The management system has as focal points:

  • the optimization of business processes,
  • the synergy between the components of the organization,
  • the continuous improvement of products and services provided.


The commitment of all company components to pursue these purposes, through the correct application of the system, will have effects such as:

  • the increase in customer and stakeholder satisfaction,
  • the improvement of internal efficiency,
  • the reduction of inefficiencies,
  • the personal growth of its collaborators.


These objectives will be reassessed during the Management System Review activity by the Management and the resulting considerations will form the basis for updating this Policy.

Each collaborator must be aware of the importance of his/her role in achieving the expected results.

Also the managing of health and safety needs support, commitment, expertise from all the collaborators, resources required for the development of Globalchimica.

The Management has formulated this Policy, convinced that this will contribute to obtaining concrete benefits for the company and its customers and, in doing this, has considered the following factors to be decisive:

  • Context,
  • organization strategies,
  • mandatory requirements,
  • risk and opportunity analysis,
  • needs of relevant stakeholders.


This corporate quality policy document is disclosed internally to all staff so that the contents are understood and applied within the organization and will be made available, including via the website, to external interested parties who request it.


Lombardore, 11/10/2021                  The Managing Director

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